Sunday, May 07, 2006
The Peanut Queen
The Peanut Queen

Male or Female
: Female
Age? Yeah, unfortunately I do...but it beats the alternative, which is death. Okay, okay...I'm 37.
Married? Oh yeah....since 1992.
Kids: Yes, three fur-faced canines. We opted for dogs in place of kids so we can lock them in kennels and smack them with newspapers and we won't get arrested for it.
Pets: (See Kids above) Three dogs....Rastas (a Rhodesian Ridgeback Cur), Jezebel and Strider (Pit Bulls)...and a Betta fish named Brutus.
How long have you been blogging for: Well, my first blog entry was on November 5th, 2004 but no one read me way back then. Hell, even I didn't want to read me way back then.
Who/What was your inspiration to start blogging: I guess I wanted something creative to do...something that was my very it thoughts from my head or a rant about my husband or if I'm just looking for some advice. And I tell you what...I've found blogging is THE BEST therapy. Not that I've been in therapy, mind you...but it is incredibly therapeutic!
What blog do you read every day: Go check my blogroll. I read them least once a day. They're a bunch of awesome bloggers.
What was your favorite post you ever wrote: Sheesh, that's a tough one! I always liked "The Royal Tooth Fairy" (about my husband and me trying to pull his tooth) and "The Long, Gross Flying Placenta Tale" (about my Pit Bull having her puppies in the back seat of my new Tahoe).
What do you hope your blog brings to the blogverse: I have no idea! Well, hopefully, I can give some words of encouragement to someone who needs them, can share and commiserate with other people that I may have never come to know if I hadn't been introduced to the blogverse. Oh, and so I can be honored like a Peanut Queen should be honored.....let's not forget that too. :)
Your favorites:
Movie: Oh I cannot do just one favorite changes from time to time....I guess the classic "It's a Wonderful Life" is terrific. I also love "A Knight's Tale" too....great music and a hot knight in shining armor...what isn't there to love about that movie???
Band: question about it. Best band on earth.
Place: Big Pine Key...well, damn near ANYWHERE in the Keys actually. And I think I'd would LOVE Costa Rica if I ever got to go. You'd probably have to drag me back to Palace Peanut kicking and screaming. ;)
Blog: See my blogroll....every single one of them!
Pet Peeve: I guess it would be that my husband is in the construction business and he never ever ever works 40 hours a week....more like 20. I guess I'm just damn jealous...:)
Quote: I have for when I'm angry and in traffic: "You're SUCH an asswipe!" and one for when I'm just wanting to be all philosophical: "When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothing."
Please feel free to add anything else to the spotlight that you want people to know. I really have no idea how to answer this one...oh wait! I know! I will pay good money for anyone who can give me information leading to the whereabouts of Viggo Mortensen (preferably his name, address, telephone number, daily schedule and the alarm code password to his house). Just kidding...I'm not a psycho. Am not. Am not!!! AM NOT!!! :)
And please let me know who you want to nominate: I nominate Greekchickie at

Please go visit Stacy, while there leave her a comment and tell her how you found her.

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