Friday, March 17, 2006
Steve's Nude Memphis Blog
Written by Steve

Male or Female?
I prefer females for things like sex and cuddling in sleeping bags. Males are usually better for football and kickboxing though. I'm not keen on kicking a female in the head so much. Plus, if anyone is gonna fight dirty it'll be the female. I'm not keen on that either. A cup can only do so much, and quite frankly it isn't enough.

Too old for and high school girls, apparently. Oh, and hula hoops. Yep, too old for MySpace, high school girls, and hula hoops. And trick or treating. MySpace, high school girls, hula hoops and trick or treating. Other than that, I'm good.

That's what they tell me. There's a woman who sleeps next to me in the bed and
she looks familiar. I think it must be my wife. Oh, and I've seen her naked. Tee
hee! No, seriously, yes I am. I'm married to the beautiful Mrs Nude Memphis. If you ever want to see Mr Nude Memphis get mean just mess with Mrs Nude Memphis and you won't know what hit you. Well, I guess you will know since I just told you, but if I hadn't told you then by God you wouldn't know what hit you. It was me.

Not yet. Not that I'm aware of anyway. Do you know something that you're not telling me?

We have 2 cats. I even created a webpage just for them, but I'm not sure if it's still there.

How long have you been blogging for? Since 2004

Who/What was your inspiration to start blogging?
I used to email Patricia Pearson, a former columnist for the National Post in Canada. I'd bug the hell out of her about her articles and somehow we got into a joke-fight. I nicknamed her Natasha the Communist and she called me Teev Squarepants. At one point she gave me her editor's email address and said "you should write." I ran this suggestion by another columnist I liked to email smart-ass comments to, Kathleen Parker, and she agreed that she liked my sense of humor and that I should be a writer. Anyway, everything I wrote and submitted was rejected, so I decided to blog instead. I've somehow moved a long way away from the articles I was writing, but I'm having fun so I keep doing it.

What blog do you read everyday?
Stacy the Peanut Queen, Steph the Attention Whore, ... blogger is down right now so I can't check my blogroll. I read a bunch of them every day. A whole bunch of them.

What was your favorite post you ever wrote?
No idea. What was your favorite post that I ever wrote? I remember thinking the thing I did about Model Hazing was funny, but most of the photos were linked from other sites and they're gone now, so it's broken.

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse?
Me becoming a big star and making lots of money. Yeah, that would be good.

Your Favorites:
  • Movie? Tobacco Road, maybe. Raising Arizona? Bufford's Beach Bunnies? Whatever my favorite is, it's funny.
  • Band? Oh geez, I don't know. I just ordered 3 Kenny Wayne Shepherd CDs. Does this help?
  • Place? The beach!
  • Blog? Oh no, you' re not making me pick one blog a nd piss off all the rest. Not gonna do it! Na Ga Na!
  • Petpeeve? Leaving the seat down. No, just kidding. How about people who park in 2 spaces and then just leave their car that way, as if they're entitled to 2 spaces? I hate those people. I'd key their cars if they weren't all made out of plastic these days.
  • Quote? "How can I miss you if you won't go away?"

    Please feel free to add anything else to the spotlight that you want people to
    Um, I have a 14 inch long penis. Yeah, as far as you know.

    Steve Nominated:
    Stacy the Peanut Queen

    Please go visit Steve, while there leave him a comment and tell him how you found him.
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