Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Mom Underground

Mom Underground

Male or Female: Female
Age: 29
Married: Yes
Kids: Two: Big G, age 4.5 (the half year is an extremely, very, really,
absolutely critical piece of data); and Little G, 13-months.
Pets: No, as we are clearly bereft of good ideas for pet names. We've got
stuffed animals named "Old Navy," "Pookie" and "Mouse the Squirrel" ...
and Big G recently informed us that he'd like to name a kitty

Mom Underground has been blogging for two years or so total, but only a few months at her current URL.

When asked what her inspiration to start blo
gging was, she answered:
My inspiration to start blogging was a desire to stop family members from calling and/or making me feel guilty
for not updating them about
the kids enough or sending them photos, etc. I figured a blog would help them get
their fix and get them off my back - I tend to be a
little anti-social. However, I couldn't help but write about other
things - posts I thought were interesting, funny and very well-written.

Unfortunately, my family proved to be unparticipatory readers, which started to piss me off. The only feedback
they gave me was about pics
of the kids. The other stuff? The GUTS of my blog? NADA. Not one peep. It was as
though I didn't exist outside of recording things about the
kids. Okay, my mom loved what I wrote, but she's my
mom. She's horribly
biased. She also thinks I'm beautiful, should write a book and run for Congress. So, blogging
about the kids became its own kind of tedium and
I finally closed my old blog, all 150 Appleworks pages of it. Now I've
started fresh, more anonymously ... and my family still thinks I'm off
the blogwagon. Or on it. Whatever - I'm
clearly confused by my own
clever metaphor.

I'm still struggling with being inspired to blog, though, but I think that has more to do with dealing with depression.
I haven't really
bounced back since Little G was born last December.

What blog do you read every day?
How about what blog have I STOPPED reading every day? That would be Dooce.

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse?
Smaller government and lower taxes.

Mom Underground's Favorites:

Movie: "Truly, Madly, Deeply."

Band: I'm going to amend this question a bit with my answers. Currently, I'm into the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack.
I know, kind of lame to like a tv
soundtrack, but no, really. It's good. And I'm obsessed with Israel Kamakawiole's
version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I've got it on
repeat in iTunes right now.

Petpeeve: No one says "excuse me" when manuevering in store aisles anymore. I have half a mind to grab some
ten-dollar bills and randomly hand them
out to strangers in stores who exhibit manners as a token of my
appreciation for helping hold together the fabric of polite society.

Mom Underground nominated:
Flutter at The Butterfly Girl

Please go visit Mom Underground, while there leave her a comment and tell her how you found her.
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  • At 8:26 AM, Blogger The Kept Woman said…

    God please let me run into you in the store again...I could really use an extra ten bucks!

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