Monday, February 20, 2006
The Everyday Lums


Male or Female: Female
Age: 29
Married: yes
Kids: 2: Sophie 2 1/2 yrs old, Holden 11 months
Pets: 2 dogs: Hendrix and Toni, and a goldfish named Goldie

Lucky has been blogging for a little over a year!

Mama Duck was her inspiration to start blogging. She is a good friend of hers and after she started reading her blog, she became addicted. She learned so much more about her and felt like she was inside her brain. It was a neat way to feel more connected. Shortly after, Lucky decided to start her own blog to keep their far away family and friends updated on their lives.

When asked what blog she reads every day, she said, "All of them!"

Her most favorite post is the one about her BAMF shoes!

Lucky's Favorites:
Right now, Napoleon Dynamite! Flippin Sweet.
Band: Hands down, my all time favorite is Janis Joplin (I know she's not a "band")
Place:My bed
Blog: Dooce
Petpeeve: Ignorance
Well behaved women rarely make history.

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse?
What I hope for is to make my friends and family smile, laugh, cry, enjoy, and feel like apart of us...
I also hope for making new friends. Even if you never meet them in person, sometimes they are terrific friends who are always there to back you up!

Lucky nominated:
Christie at The wonderful world of Christie

Please go visit Lucky, while there leave her a comment and tell her how you found her.

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