Monday, February 27, 2006
The Kept Woman

The Kept Woman

Male or Female: Female
Age: Twenty Twelve
Kids: Two adorable girls
Pets: Two adroable, only pets

The Kept Woman has been blogging since July 2004
Who/What was your inspiration to start blogging?
Initially I started my family site to keep the grandparents abreast (hee hee...I love that word) of what their granddaughter was up to in Texas. Shortly after that I was inspired to start my own site as a place for therapy to save my sanity. And I could swear and talk about boobs without giving my dad a heart attack.

What blog do you read everyday?
Way too many. Seriously. It's embarrassing.

What was your favorite post you ever wrote?
My favorite post ever was a letter (to be used a birth control in the future when she thinks about doing dirty things with boys) to my oldest daughter about how evil she was on a car ride home from her grandparents.Other than that, the Questioning the Paternity post is a pretty good insight as to what my life is like but then again so it the Goldfish Porn so that isn't really saying much.

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse?
Oh, very important stuff. Mostly it's top secret so I can't reveal it in this interview.

The Kept Woman's Favorites:

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Band: Jimmy Buffett and DMB

St. Thomas and Austin

Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

Petpeeve: People who can't park their big freakin' SUVs in one space.

Quote: "I learned that I'd better get used to having to pick between a douche and a turd sandwich because it's usually the choice I'll have. " Stan (South Park)

The Kept Woman Nominated:
Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

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Thursday, February 23, 2006
Random Ramblings


Male or Female: Female
Age: 30
Kids: nada, none, zip, zero
Pets: 3 kitty cats

Carrie has been blogging since June of 2005

Lucky Lum was her inspiration to start blogging!

What blog do you read everyday?
That's a really long list. :)

What was your favorite post you ever wrote?
The Duck Encounter

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse?
Animal awareness and mindless entertainment

Carrie's Favorites:

Movie: All three Lord of the Rings, Requiem for a Dream, Gladiator...just to name a few

Band: I honestly don't know

Place: Las Vegas and Port Aransas

Blog: So many, but Cute Overload is currently my favorite because, well, it's cute and it makes me smile. :)

Petpeeve: Ignorant people with big mouths, people who dr
ive gigantic SUVs yet go super slow over speed bumps, and people who are cruel or neglectful to animals

Quote: Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. Ernest Hemingway (it's on my blog after all) :)

Carrie nominated:
Molly at Mean Coffee

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Monday, February 20, 2006
The Everyday Lums


Male or Female: Female
Age: 29
Married: yes
Kids: 2: Sophie 2 1/2 yrs old, Holden 11 months
Pets: 2 dogs: Hendrix and Toni, and a goldfish named Goldie

Lucky has been blogging for a little over a year!

Mama Duck was her inspiration to start blogging. She is a good friend of hers and after she started reading her blog, she became addicted. She learned so much more about her and felt like she was inside her brain. It was a neat way to feel more connected. Shortly after, Lucky decided to start her own blog to keep their far away family and friends updated on their lives.

When asked what blog she reads every day, she said, "All of them!"

Her most favorite post is the one about her BAMF shoes!

Lucky's Favorites:
Right now, Napoleon Dynamite! Flippin Sweet.
Band: Hands down, my all time favorite is Janis Joplin (I know she's not a "band")
Place:My bed
Blog: Dooce
Petpeeve: Ignorance
Well behaved women rarely make history.

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse?
What I hope for is to make my friends and family smile, laugh, cry, enjoy, and feel like apart of us...
I also hope for making new friends. Even if you never meet them in person, sometimes they are terrific friends who are always there to back you up!

Lucky nominated:
Christie at The wonderful world of Christie

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Mom Underground

Mom Underground

Male or Female: Female
Age: 29
Married: Yes
Kids: Two: Big G, age 4.5 (the half year is an extremely, very, really,
absolutely critical piece of data); and Little G, 13-months.
Pets: No, as we are clearly bereft of good ideas for pet names. We've got
stuffed animals named "Old Navy," "Pookie" and "Mouse the Squirrel" ...
and Big G recently informed us that he'd like to name a kitty

Mom Underground has been blogging for two years or so total, but only a few months at her current URL.

When asked what her inspiration to start blo
gging was, she answered:
My inspiration to start blogging was a desire to stop family members from calling and/or making me feel guilty
for not updating them about
the kids enough or sending them photos, etc. I figured a blog would help them get
their fix and get them off my back - I tend to be a
little anti-social. However, I couldn't help but write about other
things - posts I thought were interesting, funny and very well-written.

Unfortunately, my family proved to be unparticipatory readers, which started to piss me off. The only feedback
they gave me was about pics
of the kids. The other stuff? The GUTS of my blog? NADA. Not one peep. It was as
though I didn't exist outside of recording things about the
kids. Okay, my mom loved what I wrote, but she's my
mom. She's horribly
biased. She also thinks I'm beautiful, should write a book and run for Congress. So, blogging
about the kids became its own kind of tedium and
I finally closed my old blog, all 150 Appleworks pages of it. Now I've
started fresh, more anonymously ... and my family still thinks I'm off
the blogwagon. Or on it. Whatever - I'm
clearly confused by my own
clever metaphor.

I'm still struggling with being inspired to blog, though, but I think that has more to do with dealing with depression.
I haven't really
bounced back since Little G was born last December.

What blog do you read every day?
How about what blog have I STOPPED reading every day? That would be Dooce.

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse?
Smaller government and lower taxes.

Mom Underground's Favorites:

Movie: "Truly, Madly, Deeply."

Band: I'm going to amend this question a bit with my answers. Currently, I'm into the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack.
I know, kind of lame to like a tv
soundtrack, but no, really. It's good. And I'm obsessed with Israel Kamakawiole's
version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I've got it on
repeat in iTunes right now.

Petpeeve: No one says "excuse me" when manuevering in store aisles anymore. I have half a mind to grab some
ten-dollar bills and randomly hand them
out to strangers in stores who exhibit manners as a token of my
appreciation for helping hold together the fabric of polite society.

Mom Underground nominated:
Flutter at The Butterfly Girl

Please go visit Mom Underground, while there leave her a comment and tell her how you found her.
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Monday, February 13, 2006
Missing JT Snow


Missing JT Snow

Male or Female: Female; I am a woman who loves baseball and am "Super Mom" at times
Age: I just hit 36 - yikes!
Married: Yes. I've been married for 7 years.
Kids: Yes. A 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl.
Pets: Yes. We have an American Eskimo dog and some fish

How long have you been blogging for?
I actually had to look at my "Blogger Profile" to figure this one out. I've been "blogging" since March 2004 when I started a blog of updates about my daughter who has special needs, I started my own personal blog (i.e.: this one being highlighted) in July of 2005.

Who/What was your inspiration to start blogging?

My inspiration to keep blogging is definitely my daughter Jenelle. I keep her blog going because I feel it is important to share her story with the world because she remains "undiagnosed" and her medical issues are extremely rare. I blog for myself on my blog so that I can have a reality check once in a while to feel like a "normal" person and vent frustrations without taking away attention from the importance of my daughter's issues.

What blog do you read everyday?
I love reading and getting comments on my own blog and I also love to check Site Meter- LOL! All silliness aside, I read "All About Lilyanna Blu" on a daily basis because she is a little girl much like my daughter and I always want to know how she is doing. (she would be a great candidate for the "VIBES" list as well!)

What was your favorite post you ever wrote?
A Confession

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse?
I hope that people that find and/or read my blog will get a few laughs and smiles, or that maybe reading about my sometimes crazy life, they can put their own problems into perspective in a weird sort of way. I hope that doesn't sound like I think I'm a Saint or anything - sometimes I think people can appreciate seeing how others can handle adversity, especially if it is handled in a positive way. I try to stay positive in every aspect of my life.

Kelly's Favorites:
Movie: A League of Their Own, Hitch, Say Anything, Super Troopers

Band: U2, Metillica, The Replacements

Place: Diamond Club at Angels Stadium

6 Year Med (This young med student is wise beyond her years!)

The Dallas Ks (Kami updates almost daily - there is always something new to read!)

Pink is the New Blog (Because everyone loves celebrity gossip, right?)

Dad Gone Mad (I love this blog because I've met this guy in person and sometimes he blogs about our mutual friends!)

Petpeeve: I hate it when there are bread crumbs in the butter!

"Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see it is what you would have wanted had you known." Garrison Keillor

Please feel free to add anything else to the spotlight that you want people to know!
In case you haven't figured it out - I'm a huge fan of baseball, particularly anything involving Little League and/or the "Anaheim" Angels. It is the "off season" right now - in case you didn't know! ;) I really don't have much of a crush on J.T. Snow anymore, but he is nice to look at in photos! I hope to write a book someday about my daughter. She has taught me so many wonderful lessons about life, and makes me a better human being every day!

Kelly nominated:
Danielle at 6 Year Med.

Please leave Kelly a comment or ask her a
question by commenting. If you comment on her blog, please let her know how you found her.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006
The Bucky Four-Eyes Cotillion

Katy Barzedor, Bucky Four-Eyes
The Bucky Four-Eyes Cotillion
"Completely insincere - and I mean that"

Male or Female: Female (no, REALLY!)
Age: 40
Kids: none that I'm aware of squirting out my vagina
Pets: 1 dawg- Snickers

Bucky has been blogging since November 2004

Reading Dooce is what got her blogging. "I realized people might think
inappropriate subjects were funny after all. My time had come."

Bucky blogs about anything & everything. "What happened today,
what happened when I was a kid, plastic toys in unholy poses, weird
movies where I use Play-Doh for anything but its intended purpose...if
it's absurd and obscene, I'll get around to it eventually."

When asked what blog she reads every day, she said, "My sis, the Squirl."

Her most favorite post could change at any moment, but right now it's "Now I know how Peppermint Patty Felt"

Bucky's Favorites:

Movie: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" and many, many warped and
wrong comedies.

Band: Just one? Can't do it. Let's see...have always loved Tom
Waits. Been digging lately: Gravity Kills (yeah, I know they broke
up - I always come too late to the party), Marilyn Manson, Joss
Stone...I like lots and lots of music.

Place: New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco

Blog: Not saying. :)

Petpeeve: Morality legislators

Quote: "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to
death!" Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse? Cheap laughs and
a fleeting sense of shame.

Check out Bucky's Pictures here:
Bucky's Flickr

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Rant N' Ravin Haven
Image hosting by Photobucket

Rant N' Ravin Haven
Kids: 2 - Ages 5 and 2
Pets: 4 if you count the damn turtle. 2 dogs, Bogey and Molly. Cat, Newman. Turtle - Turquoise.

Tammy has been blogging since May of 2005
"Mama Duck/TKW was my inspiration to start blogging"

Tammy usually blogs about her family mostly, but also things that piss her off.

When asked which blog she reads everyday, she responded with, "Too many. Kami's, Kristine's, The Kept Woman."

Her favorite post that she wrote is the one about the bathroom rules.

Tammy's Favorites:
Band: Sugarland
Place: Home, in bed.
Petpeeve: Stupid people.
Quote: "I hate people" - Tammy

Image hosting by Photobucket

What do you hope your blog brings to the blogoverse? World peace? No, seriously. I hope everyone gets a daily laugh

Leave Tammy a comment or ask her a question by commenting. If you comment on her blog, please let her know how you found her.

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